Veeam Cloud Connect – Failover Plan

Stage 1 – Creating a Failover Plan

In the event of your primary site being completely unavailable, it’s possible to completely Failover to the replicated VM using the web portal. In this scenario Veeam will connect the replicated VM to a separate internet facing network behind a hosted firewall using a pre-configured ‘Failover Plan’.

Create a ‘Failover Plan’ on your local Veeam server
650_426__1_1 choose to create cloud failover plan

Specify a name for the Failover Plan – multiple plans could be created for various scenarios.
650_458__1_2 name the failover plan

Select the VMs to be powered on by this plan.
650_458__1_4 specify the order on which to power on VMs

Specify the order on which the VMs are to be powered on (if required).
650_458__1_4 specify the order on which to power on VMs

Set an IP address to be applied to the hosted network appliance – this provides routing between the internet facing and private networks.
650_462__1_5 set an IP address to apply to the hosted appliance

Veeam can manage public IPs, however we will leave this blank as public IPs are assigned to the hosted firewall CTL provides.
650_465__1_6 assign any public IPs
Select ‘Finish’ and the plan is ready.