iOS with Exchange

Tap Settings

Scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Tap Add Account

You will be presented with several options. Select the 2nd one down. Microsoft Exchange.

Enter your Company login credentials and Exchange details.
Email: The email address that has been provided to you (e.g.
Password: yourpassword
Description: Work Email (It’s for your reference when adding multiple accounts)
Tap Next on the top right when done.

You will then be presented with another screen which looks similar to the last but it will have some more fields to fill in.
Server: Your work Outlook Web Access Address (e.g.
Domain: Your company Internal Domain Name (e.g. example.local)
Username: Your work username (e.g. Joe.Bloggs)

For a HEX account enter the following information
Domain: Leave this field blank
Username: Your full email address (e.g.

Tap Next. It will then try and validate your account details.

Once validated, select the items you want to sync. Tap Save when done.
Your work email should now begin to sync.