Configuration of Filezilla Client with FTPS

Click the “Site Manager” button below “File” (Highlighted blow)

Click “New Site” on the left and enter the details on the right under the “General” tab:
Host: this is the ftps address
Port: 990 (for FTPS)
Protocol: “FTP – File Transfer Protocol”
Encryption: “Require explicit FTP over TLS”
Logon Type: Normal
User: Username
Password: Password


If the server requires a specific mode (Passive or Active) ┬áthis can be set under the “Transfer Settings” tab. The default will normally be acceptable for this setting.
Click “OK”

To initiate the connection, click the down arrow next to the “Site Manager” icon and click the connection name.

If the certificate or CA is not verified, review the information and choose “Always trust certificate in future sessions” if you are happy and click connect.